R and RStudio are required for this course, as are several R packages. Additionally, we will make extensive use of Git and Github. The goal of this homework assignment is to ensure that you have installed relevant software and packages.

Due date

Due: September 5 at 10:00am.

Problem 1

Download and install the latest versions of R (3.6.1) and RStudio (1.2.1335).

Open RStudio and install several packages (and their dependencies) using the code below:

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "knitr", "rmarkdown", "janitor", "broom", "here", "readxl", "haven", "rnoaa", "ggridges", "ggthemes", "leaflet", "viridis", "skimr", "rvest", "httr", "flexdashboard", "devtools", "usethis", "modelr", "mgcv", "tidytext", "shiny"))


(Note: on a Mac running OSX, you may need to install the command line tools for these pacakges to install.)

Upload a screenshot of RStudio that shows your R version, and that you can successfully load the packages tidyverse and knitr; include your UNI on the command line. Here’s an example “solution”:

Problem 2

Install Git on the machine you’ll use for work in this course. There are several installation approaches; I suggest you follow this guide.

Upload a screenshot of RStudio’s terminal pane that shows a successful execution of which git or git --version. Here’s an example “solution”:

Problem 3

Create a user account on GitHub, and submit your user name using this google form.

It is very strongly recommended that you register your account with an educational / academic discount – later in the semester we will require private repos, which are free under this plan.