All homework assignments are covered by the course policy on collaboration.

Available Due Assignment Solution
Homework 0 Sept 4 Sept 6 by 10:00am
Homework 1 Sept 13 Sept 21 by 4:00pm
Homework 2 Sept 25 Oct 5 by 4:00pm
Homework 3 Oct 4 Oct 12 by 4:00pm
Homework 4 Nov 1 Nov 9 by 4:00pm
Homework 5 Nov 15 Nov 23 by 4:00pm
Homework 6 Nov 29 Dec 7 by 4:00pm


The midterm project is not covered by the course policy on collaboration – you are expected to work independently.

Available Due Assignment Solution
Midterm Project Oct 16 Oct 26 at 4:00pm


The final project differs substantially from both homework assignments and the midterm project. Detailed instructions, including deliverables and due dates, are here.