Date Topic Lecture Slides Slack HW Projects
Tues Sept 4 What is Data Science? What is Data Science?
Thur Sept 6 Building blocks Best Practices
Tues Sept 11 Building blocks Writing with Data
Thur Sept 13 Building blocks Git
Tues Sept 18 Data Wrangling I Data Import
Thur Sept 20 Data Wrangling I Data Manipulation
Tues Sept 25 Data Wrangling I Tidy data
Thur Sept 27 Viz + EDA Visualization 1
Tues Oct 2 Viz + EDA Visualization 2
Thur Oct 4 Viz + EDA EDA
Tues Oct 9 Case Study Case study
Thur Oct 11 Data Wrangling II Reading Data from the Web
Tues Oct 16 Data Wrangling II Strings and Factors Midterm
Thur Oct 18 Interactivity Making Websites
Tues Oct 23 Interactivity and Dashboards Final
Thur Oct 25 Iteration Writing Functions
Tues Oct 30 Iteration Iteration and Listcols
Thur Nov 1 Iteration Simulation
Tues Nov 6 -Election day-
Thur Nov 8 Linear models Linear Models
Tues Nov 13 Linear models Cross Validation
Thur Nov 15 Linear models Bootstrapping
Tues Nov 20 -Thanksgiving-
Thur Nov 22 -Thanksgiving-
Tues Nov 27 Extra topics Shiny
Thur Nov 29 Extra topics Tidy text
Tues Dec 4 -Final Project Week-
Thur Dec 6 -Final Project Week-
Tues Dec 11 Final Projects! What is Data Science Revisited